Rahn's Program At a Glance:

The Rahn Studienkolleg is a one-year study programme, in which we prepare students to take the German FSP to be able to enroll in German Universities. The two phase model Cairo enables students to spend the first 6 months in Cairo, taught by German teachers in our German School and then transition to our Kolleg in Zittau, where they will finish with their FSP and have direct access to the University of Applied Sciences Zittau-Görlitz.

Lean study groups with a maximum of 30 members.

A vibrant multicultural learning environment.

Choose between pre-course or specialized course education.

Have support during your university application process.

In Cairo

in Zittau

The value of this Educational Program

University entrance qualification

Program Advantages

Program Advantages

Our program is a 2-phase program where the students spend a semester in Egypt where they'll experience an authentic German college learning environment and a second one at the Zittau-Görlitz University of Applied Sciences.

Perks of Studying in Egypt:
  • The first semester in Egypt will help students acclimate to the German studying environment while still having their families and friends' moral, social, and financial support.

  • Being taught by native teachers in small groups to maximize the learning experience

  • Learning in German will thematically acclimate students to their second semester in Germany.

  • Enjoy the support of the Rahn School in Cairo to help you with the visa application, travel planning, apartment search, and all other formalities for your stay in Germany.

  • Learn about and familiarize yourself with the student life in Germany through the collaboration with Zittau-Görlitz University of Applied Sciences; you'll be able to attend events like online tours on campus, presentations on the fields of study, specialist cabinets and career opportunities, meetings with students in Zittau.

  • Save on living expenses by living in Egypt the first semester and save on tuition costs in the second semester as we cover that for you, so you only need to cover the living expenses.

  • Receive a waiver of semester fees at the HSZG in the 1st and 2nd semesters and an additional bonus payment of €600 when you complete your Bachelor's degree at the HSZG.

  • Why Study in Germany

    Germany is one of the top sought countries to study in, and approximately 15% of students in Germany are foreigners. This shows the flourishing learning environment Germany offers for its students, as it provides one of the world's best teaching experiences, research resources, and facilities; that's why the German qualifications are recognized worldwide for being well established and practical.

    Germany supports students with potential: By helping them hone their skills and develop their talents.

    Choose between various courses: There are around 450 state-recognized specialized technical universities or universities with general orientation, with more than 17,000 courses, especially in the Applied Sciences Universities, which are known for their strong practical relevance.

    Excellent education with low cost: Universities in Germany are free; they only charge administration fees which range from 100 - 400 euros.

    Life in Germany is also incredibly affordable, especially in Eastern Germany; students enjoy canteens, and the residence halls are supported with subsidies. There are also discounts for students on cultural, leisure and sports activities.

    Students can also work while studying to earn their pocket money or save up while immersing themselves in German culture.

      • Application deadline is 31 May 2023
      • Studienkolleg fees are 3000 Euros, equivalent amount can be paid in Egyptian Pounds
  • The Value of RAHN’s Educational institution

    Rahn brings forth 32 years of experience across 40 locations worldwide with various state-accredited facilities, from daycare schools, high schools, and IB schools with a sporting and musical focus to vocational training and adult qualification programs. We encourage, nurture, and support talented students to learn in Germany.

    Our ever-growing network of links and connections is 20 years strong, and we are committed to extending and utilizing this network to help our students grow.

  • The Program Requirements

    Registration for the Studienkolleg is possible at any time and up to approximately four months before the start of the respective semester. We can consider shorter-term registrations after consultation.

    To register for the first semester, we require your:

    • School leaving certificate/General Certificate of Secondary Education
    • Official language certificate B1
    • Passport/ID
    • A letter about why you are interested in studying in Germany and your concrete plans.
  • How to Apply

    If you would like to inquire about our school in Cairo and Zittau, there are regular info sessions in person or via video available, all you need to do is submit your details, and one of our representatives will help you in regards to all the information you need.